About us

Hunardasti is a global marketplace for handicrafts where crafts from all regions of Pakistan are showcased to sell. Located in the Federal Capital, Islamabad, we are connected with artisans from Sindh, Kashmir and Multan and we are proud to showcase the masterpieces from their workshops to the global market.
The tradition of creating handicrafts  is thousands of years old. It is considered a Pakistani custom that has been ongoing since ancient times of Harappa, Mohen Jo Daro and Indus Valley civilisations. The crafts from different provinces  are intricately linked with the unique culture and history of the region. As a whole, they are popular for their ornate embellishments, vibrant hues and varied textures. We are delighted to introduce these hidden gems to the rest of the world.

Our Mission

We aim to seek a global market for the authentic and ethereal handicrafts from around Pakistan. We hope to provide a platform for skilled Pakistani artists to display their work and be adequately remunerated.
As a company, we strive to lead with our principles and to help spread ideas of sustainability and responsibility whose impact is beyond our business. Overall , our mission is to support arts and crafts industry in Pakistan by utilising ethical business practices.

Our Emblem

Our emblem, knitting yarn and needles represent handicrafts and it reminds us of our grandmother knitting her love and making a sweater. We chose this symbol as knitting is quite universal in reach and people around the world knit not only for practical purposes but also to create beauty and to express affection for the recipient.

The Name HunarDasti is a persian word which literally means skill of the hand.
We feel this name befits the artefacts on display on this website.